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Web Applications Beyond Your Imagination [Custom Web Applications]

My hobby : Web Designer, PHP/MySQL programmer, CodeCharge Studio projects developer. Over 18 years of web design experience.

I'have created several CMS (Content Management Systems) New is Vision To CMS Ultimate. is my personal hobby site
you can find very interesting tips, tricks and solutions from php, ccs, css, js, mysql, codecharge studio.

I'm available for web ccs projects (codecharge studio ) worldwide, contact me at any time. I always have new ideas and solutions.
You can communicate with me in: English, Dutch.Contact Form.
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  • CMS (Content Management Systems).
  • Web Design
  • Custom Web Applications
  • PHP, MySQL Programming
  • CodeCharge Studio Projects
  • CodeCharge Studio Professional Support
  • Multilanguage Content Solutions
  • Webshop
  • Availability Calendar Management
  • Usability and accessibility
  • Standard compliant code
  • GUI interface 
  • Bootstrap

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