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You may not re-distribute, reproduce any portion of this website and or it\'s contents without the prior express written consent of [Vision.To Design]


Can I use the layouts/templates of your site for my own site?

No - you may not ever, under any circumstances download and use the graphics that make up the layout\'s of this site.
That includes and is not limited to things such as the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), header graphic, logo, menu buttons, footer graphics, script code etc.
The layout is an original design created by the developer of Vision.To Design [], and is strictly copyrighted.
Permission to use the layout\'s will not be granted for any reason.
It is permitted to take screenshots of the site or to use the site logo for the sole purpose of creating affiliate links to advertise or review the site.

Note:All graphics, photos, layouts, css, creative ideas, etc used on this website are original (art) work of Gerrit van Weele at  unless credited otherwise on a Credits page.

What can I use ?

The copyright restrictions above are for a complete website unless stated otherwise on a particular page. 
Stated as "Free Stuff", Public Domain, GPL, Common Creations or other license forms.
Example: Tutorials, Script Code, Free Templates, Free Graphics, Free Downloads etc.


Usage:These feeds are provided to public as subscription for latest website updates.
You may not parse and re-distribute feed\'s content on other websites without our permission.


Leaching to our media files is considered as a THEFT and is not allowed.


Vision.To CMS is a Trademark of Vision.To Design []

All other mentioned product names and company logos are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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